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Alejandro Bulgheroni


    The land of Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate was once part of the Rancho Carne Humana Spanish land grant given to Edward T. Bale in 1841. Bale married the niece of Mexican General Vallejo and was awarded the grant shortly after. Their daughter, Caroline, married Charles Krug and received a dowry of a 20-acre piece of the Rancho that would eventually become Charles Krug winery.

    ​Gradually, the Rancho was sold and divided into smaller lots.  In 1860, our 14-acre parcel was sold for $2,070 to John Howell, a prominent blacksmith in Napa County and for whom Howell Mountain was named.

    In modern history, the site of Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate was first planted to grapes by Jim and Nena Talcott in 1975.  Under their ownership, a charming stone winery was built to vinify the property’s grapes.

    The property then served as the Founders Room for the wine portfolio of  H. William Harlan and produced the first vintages of The Napa Valley Reserve.


    After its acquisition, Alejandro Bulgheroni began an extensive renovation and enhancement project to upgrade the old stone winery, plant new vineyard blocks, transform the tasting salon and re-envision the future of the property.

    The winery renovations provided upgraded infrastructure and new equipment, dedicated solely to the vinification of Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate wines. The new tasting salon is available exclusively to members of the Estate’s allocation list and offers educational tastings.

    In future years, additional vineyard blocks will be planted at the highest elevation of the property and a cave will be built for barrel storage and aging.

    Once revitalized, the Estate will become a landmark that will endure for future generations.

    Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate Vineyard

    Certified organic, the Estate vineyard is at the base of Howell Mountain and the Vaca Mountain range where rich, volcanic soils are found, resulting in wines that are deep and ripe with structure, firm tannins and acid for long cellaring. The site is comprised of a very thin layer of soil, less than one foot in depth, that rests on igneous rocks and material weathered from volcanic ash. This well-drained, mineral-rich soil is ideal for cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Additional vineyard blocks are in development at the property’s top elevation. The vineyard will be planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and yield its first crop in 2021.

    The grapes grown at Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate are farmed by Jim Barbour and the team at Barbour Vineyards and blended into its flagship Alejandro Bulgheroni Cabernet Sauvignon wine.